45.5 Million IPhones Sold in The Third Quarter of Consecutive Fall

It was something that He was wishing for several months. Apple figures showed a drop in sales that we would not know where it would go until the end of the year and here we are. Faithful to their appointment, of October 25, 2016 Apple has presented figures that officially closed the year 2016, the worst fiscal year for them.

However, the fourth quarter has had a major comeback thanks to new iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus. The drop provided for in previous quarters was not so serious Thanks to the excellent reception of the two new models of the guys Cook. That, coupled with that Samsung has had to withdraw the Galaxy Note 7 of the circulation, can mean a bit of fresh air in figures for the next several quarters.

Third consecutive quarter of falling

Yes, it is true that there is some light at the end of the tunnel of the results of Apple, but that does not prevent a devastating fact for the interests of the Cupertino giant. After the fourth-quarter results, Apple has suffered three falls in consecutive sales compared to the previous year. Three quarters in which the iPhone has not overcome exercise which preceded him, something that had not happened since the birth of the iPhone.

The figures leave no doubt. 45.5 million iPhones sold, without specifying how many correspond to new iPhone 7, they are responsible for that Apple lift slightly descending line that had been presenting since the second quarter, when it sold 51 million units compared to 61 million in the previous year.

With this last quarter, Apple ended the year with 211,88 millions of iPhones sold all over the planet. A tremendously high number and it keeps you right in second place in the world ranking of manufacturers. But this figure does not hide the fact that Apple has sold 20 million iPhones in 2015. 231 million to 212 in this exercise. A severe setback bearing in mind that the last quarters already include the sales of the iPhone, a model that has not worked as expected.

This data is also another historic milestone for Apple, also in negative. For the first time since there is the iPhone, since 2007, Apple has declined in sales compared to the previous year. We don’t effect will both 7 iPhone as iPhone 7 Plus on the future of the company but 2016 will be remembered by this historic “bump”. Always with lowercase, except that the trend continue in the next quarters.


Apple (AAPL) fourth quarter earnings: annual revenue and …

Apple (AAPL) fourth quarter earnings: annual revenue and ...

Source: qz.com