Apple Doubles Memory of Your IPhone, 32, and 128 GB for The Same Price

Whenever Apple decides to close its online store, the expectation that is generated is almost equivalent to of its live events. Big changes in your website require time offline but in Cupertino that also used for their releases. At the time that the websites drink databases which allow refresh by pressing a single button, Apple plays with latches to attract attention on your mark.

Speculated with quite a lot in this last close that ended a few minutes ago, and several of them have been fulfilled. We have new cheaper iPad 9.7-inch finally launched iPhone 7 in a rather showy red color and a model that seemed forgotten has been the batteries. Apple has decided to double the capacity of your iPhone is.

From 489 euros

The revival of four inches in the catalog of Apple mobile phones occurred last spring with the arrival of the iPhone, turn to a size that still had a lot of people and passing part of the catalogue together with the iPhone 6s and iPhone Plus 6s, later replaced by the version finished in 7.

Now the iPhone is renewed inside in regards to storage, since the rest of the characteristics remain identical. We are still in an iPhone 6 in small format, but now we have two new capabilities. Please welcome to the iPhone is 32 GB and 128 GB model.

The 32GB model will cost EUR 489, 599 euros for the 128GB model

While initially only circulated U.S. prices, the prices of both models to Spain are now available. They are those who tell us that the iPhone is 32 GB will cost EUR 489 While the 128GB model goes up 110 euros over 599 euros. Always talking about prices of free terminals, nothing for now on prices of different operators.

Nothing changes either in regards it colors since Apple keeps iPhone in circulation are in silver, white, space grey and pink gold. At the moment they are not available but we have date of sale: March 24. So if you expect an iPhone is larger than 16GB, the time has come.