Apple Removes His Tool to Detect If an IPhone Is Stolen: The Business of Second Hand Is Complicated

Apple has disabled your tool iCloud Activation Lock, It allowed us to check the origin of a device Apple (iPhone, iPad, iPod, or Apple Watch) in the event that we sospechasemos that it was stolen. The tool showed us such origin as just enter the IMEI number device.

According to reports on Mashable, the system which had been in operation since October 2013, has not only disappeared from the iCloud page, but that also all the allusions have been eliminated her in the official Apple support page.

The reasons are unknown, but they may be economic

Is not yet known what has been the reason that has pushed the company to eliminate a system that has decreased by 40% the theft of their devices from the born with iOS 7. As we say, on the official website has been deleted all traces of the tool and from Apple they have not even any official version.

The only thing that has changed are the recommendations that the company advised on your page when you buy a second hand iPhone are not more useful that which any It would be done using logic. According to Cupertino, if si sospechamos we suspect must get in touch with the former owner as soon as possible and ask him to erase the device.

Of course, also added that do not buy any used device until you have been removed from factory. As we say, we do not know the reasons that have led the company to take such a decision or whether it’s a way of encouraging sales of its devices restored undermining the market of second hand between individuals, injecting them with fear to acquire a stolen device. At the moment we are waiting for the official version of Apple.