Breastfeeding Dress Rafaela

You know what I realized?

Even though unconscious, all clothes account and carries with it a story.

Before a warning: may seem a philosophical post, but keep reading with me that I think you can like what I’ll write. I promise!

Has the story of who wears and the story of who creates. Today I will tell the story of the dress for you and Rafaela as was his creative process (hmmm mitxida!).

I wanted a piece that could reflect that mother practice, Geek of all trades, which despite the day to day doesn’t give up the comfort, take the kid up and down and still manages to be well dressed. Wow, is this possible?

You can even get a raivinha “when reading the previous paragraph, because you and I well know that mother is mother gives pretty disheveled and don’t give up that look in the style” came back from the war, but I’m nice and woe to those who open your mouth “.

Okay. Everyone has those moments, and those looks worthy of scaring any child (and it’s very liberating to use them once in a while!). But who doesn’t like to look good without doing much effort?

I thought then that woman: real, mom, urban, cool, practical, and stylish!

But who would be that person? Where to find my muse? hehe.

I’ve been following quite the Rafa Basha on instagram, and it is impossible not to fall in love by the texts she set and your lifestyle and maternity leave. There like that, I thought: this piece is.

Have you seen how much Rafa uses and abuses of black leather and always with a good basic mix underneath?

She has even an enviable collection of black leather jackets these days posted on instagram her! Love this part (s).

Thinking in that mix of leather, combined with the practicality of a functional piece to breast-feed and, of course, using the good old little black dress, the dress Rafaela!

That piece that takes you to several places and makes you feel right dressed in any of them!I love this versatility.

The fabric of the dress is a very thin neoprene, super comfortable but at the same time leaves no mark! Taking the ease to breastfeed him, huh?

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