Future IPhone 7s Is Dual SIM Already Does Not Seem So Outlandish, According to Forbes

We continue with the round of rumors of future iPhone 7s, which for a long time we met like iPhone 8, for that great leap which is expected with the arrival of the screens OLED manufactured by Samsung, and we still do not know how it will be called really. The last filtration, because it seems that the information comes from within own manufacturer, speaks of its connectivity. Specifically in the number of SIMs that will support.

In the debate about whether it is suitable to give the starting gun to the eSIMs mobile and not just for wearables, that should solve many of the problems of portability and choice of operator in our days, information concerning the iPhone 7s speaks that the model could incorporate a dual SIM card slot. Recently there was a patent which could support this information, although it still is something vaguely.

The intellectual property Office

All the information about this future iPhone Dual SIM 7s come across documents that come from the State Office of intellectual property of China. There is where Apple would have filled out a form for allow future iPhone 7s done up to two phone numbers simultaneously, that could be achieved only with two mechanisms: a dual-SIM or an eSIM, still very green in terms of its development.

This request was filed by Apple in March 2016 and was published in the State Office of China in September, and has been now when he has finally come to light. The name associated with this request is Su Li, the main developer of the Cupertino manufacturer mobile connectivity software. Dual SIM form parts, as we see, are engaging and giving to this future iPhone 7s.

The patent to which we referred us before data last week, and it also contained Su Li next to another couple of Apple engineers: Ming Hu and Guojie Dong. She referred to that extended the use of SIM cards to a duo consisting of a personal number and another professional. Of course, and although both the patent and the application in China have presented by software engineers, crucial in the own 7s iPhone hardware, changing the type and design of the SIM card tray.

The dual SIM would make the iPhone more attractive in India and China, among other countries

This future change in the iPhone 7s would obey the interest of Apple to grow in certain markets in the dual SIM is part of day-by-day crowd of users. India and China, for example, have internalized this use and give iPhone 7s ability to carry two cards simultaneously would increase his popularity there. We must not forget that sales of the iPhone in China have fallen by 30% in the last year, and adapt to these “demands” of his peculiar market would have all the sense of the world.

Thus, we can begin to talk of the future iPhone 7s having a dual SIM card tray. Much for your presentation and anything can happen until then, but everything seems to be part of a logical evolution of the iPhone to match its rivals and become more appealing in certain strategic markets for the growth of the company. Do we see an iPhone Dual SIM 7s? Forbes says Yes, and it seems logical.