Galaxy Gear Will Be Manufactured Not Brazil

On the afternoon of Wednesday, Samsung announced the smart watch your Galaxy Gear. On the same occasion, JK Shin, CEO of the company, also announced the new Galaxy 3 and Galaxy Note Note 10.1 2014 Edition.

The Galaxy Gear was presented to the press at the IFA electronics fair, which will open to the public on day 6 to 11 in Berlin, Germany. The clock has the Android 4.3 Jelly Bean and has 3 g and wi-Fi connections. Through the device the user can make calls, as well as access your e-mails, social networks and other activities.

The clock has 1.63 inch screen Super AMOLED, with microphone and speakers also “strategically posicionandos” at the bottom of the clock. So, to answer a call just lay the watch to your ear.

The Galaxy Gear also has a camera attached at the top and an accelerometer, which lets you respond to gestures.

Samsung’s clock has also called Smart Relay system, able to connect with other devices of the company and thus, the user, to receive a notification in your watch can get the your Pocket smartphone, for example, and load the content that the notification was registered. The integration works with cell phones Galaxy S4 and S3, with the Galaxy Note 2 and with the new Galaxy Note 10.1 2014 Edition and Galaxy Note 3.

The unit is made in stainless steel and according to Samsung, the idea has always been to use current technology in a “simple and we use a century ago”. You will find the watch in seven colors at THEELITESWATCHES.COM.

Galaxy Note 3

Samsung announced the Galaxy 3 Note explaining your choice: “we have created a new category, by introducing the new Galaxy Note in 2011. Our inspiration came from our customers. You guys said, ‘ we want more options. “You would like larger screens,” described. “The Galaxy Note 3 takes us even higher in a next step,” said the South Korean CEO.

The Galaxy has Super AMOLED screen 3 Note of 5.7 inches, 13 megapixel camera and flash HCRI. According to the company the videos can be made in Full HD (1080 p) and up to 4 k. The appliance has 3 GB RAM and 3200 mAh battery.