Interactive Interview to Ralf Gerbershagen, Vice President of Motorola in Europe

You can not miss the interactive interview that we conducted to Ralf Gergershagen, Vice President of Motorola in Europe, a company that is located in a very special moment after the acquisition by Google, and the most interesting devices litter in many years, with Motorola Razr and Xoom 2 as main protagonists.

Ralf went through our offices in Madrid to dedicate us a juicy interview with Antonio Ortíz, at the same time as submitted to us by the Motorola Razr in person, hence a few days ago I gave a breakthrough in video on the extremely thin terminal.

The interview can be viewed at once, but we decided to make it more interactive, dividing the questions with links to the beginning of the video. We are especially interested his vision of the market of tablets and the position of Motorola, Android updates, or multi-display philosophy that you have created with their Smartphones that connect to peripherals, getting almost a laptop with heart of phone.

Interview in collaboration with Antonio Ortiz, co-founder of WeblogsSL, the company which makes Engadget and in which exercises the office of director of Estrategia Online. He regularly writes on his blog Error500 on internet and technology.