IPhone in India: The History of The Long Cortejo with Happy Ending

The saying «the one that follows it gets it», and Apple is an absolute truth. And is that after many rumors and leaks about iPhones”made in India”, the Minister of technologies of the information of the State of Karnataka, told Bloomberg that Apple will begin to make iPhones in India the month of April.

The provider that will manufacture them is Wistron Corporation, a Taiwanese company that owns its own manufacturing plant since last November in one of the most important cities of India, Bangalore, thanks to a injection of capital from 33.5 million from the Cupertino. But seducing India has not been as easy for Apple, since they have had to spend many efforts in matters of courtship.

India, the Pearl of the Orient

India grows unstoppable and all manufacturers know it. But not only as a country of consumption, where the mobile market shows a growth of 17.5 percent during the third quarter of 2016 but also as a producer, where little by little are all the major brands and major suppliers of components of the world as Foxconn settling.

Aware of the importance of India in the global market, Apple needs to get sad that 3% of the Indian market share, where its major competitor, Samsung, was much more Avid in predicting the potential of the emerging country and management has a 23% of the cake.

The iPhone by flag

What better way to enter a market that with the flagship of the company, because it is clear that although Apple has a moderate range of products, since it was born in 2007, the iPhone has been its main source of income. And we don’t say it, said it its financial results, According to them, the telephone sales copan 69% the 78.400 million admitted during its last fiscal quarter.

But Apple has already sought to raise that fee in India for months, but with the wrong strategy. And it is that the company wanted to sell in India its refurbished iPhone, rather than his Environment Minister declined clearly due to the problem of the country with e-waste.

The first attempt of Apple to enter India were conditioned iPhone, which were rejected on two occasions

But It was not the first time that Apple was trying to make a similar maneuver in order to win more that succulent market share, and it ended up being rejected. This time seems that the company sees clear to Indian market through local manufacturing and its subsequent distribution.

Indian iPhones for the India

The sources said that the agreement has been negotiated during all these months implies that all iPhones in India sold only there, and also with some tax exemptions over the next 15 years for the import of equipment and components.

All iPhones manufactured in India will be sold in India

At the moment Apple has not confirmed the statement by the Indian Minister to be certain, nor that the agreement has been closed but everything suggests that soon I will have official confirmation about the Indian iPhones by the company after so many months of adventures and rumors.