Makeup Tutorials Step by Step

Even with little time and many chores, no woman opens beautiful living hand on a daily basis. But the time to do  makeup for the day to day  always many questions arise. The idea is to hide imperfections and highlight some points but maintaining the appearance of  natural make , without getting too charged or produced too.

Makeup Tutorials Step by Step

The makeup artist Pedro Vicuña, Werner Leblon hall, in Rio de Janeiro, teaches to make a makeup bag . Check out the  step by step :

Makeup: step by step

1 – Sanitize the skin with a wet wipe and pass a primer to remove the oiliness and better define the makeup.

2 – Apply a base across the face and pass a brush to standardize it on the skin.

Makeup Tutorials Step by Step 3

3 – Light the upper eyelid with a illuminating shade.

4 – Make light spots on the nose and chin to enhance makeup.

5 – Apply a darker spot on the cheeks to fine tune the face.

Makeup Tutorials Step by Step 2

6 – Spend a face powder to remove the oiliness of the skin and provide a velvety effect.

7 – Apply the nude shade and Blur with a brown shade.

8 – Spend a brown eyeliner pencil along the eyelash line and then pass a brush with sponge to smudge the eyeliner.

Makeup Tutorials Step by Step 1

9 – Apply the pencil brown eyeliner also at the bottom of the eyes.

10 – Pass mask lashes and comb the eyebrow.

11 – Finalize applying a bronze blush on the cheeks.

12 – Use a light brown mouth pencil around the lips. Paint them with the mouth pencil helps to fix the lipstick. Apply pink lipstick. See how was the before and after on