Motorola Pax, a BlackBerry Killer with Dual-Core

Well, the dual-core is to prove, but so the people of This tells us is my next, which also have a gallery of images from a phone that seems more than interesting, pity that not be initially aimed at the European market. By now known as Motorola Pax.

It is a terminal with the formula for success BlackBerry, i.e. QWERTY keyboard below the display, which is also touch on this occasion. As this phone, Motorola already has the XPRT, but which concerns us seems an update in the aforementioned dual-core hardware.

Is the American operator Sprint that will have it in their catalog, making use in addition to the network CDMA 1 X, a communication system based on press and talk to the walkie talkie style. As it would not be otherwise at Motorola, we have a device Android. More screenshots: