MP15 Hiphone F003

I recently wrote about the differences between Hiphone and the original iPhone . Both are quite distinct devices, but as long as the buyer knows the differences before buying, there is nothing too much about buying the various models of Hiphone MP15 or MP14 for sale in the market.

MP15 Hiphone F003

The MP15 Hiphone F003 is one of these very complete models. See the main technical information of the Hiphone F003.

Dual SIM card

Standard USB cable (like the N97)



3.4 inch screen


Opera Browser

Camera with Flash


Supports SD card up to 16GB

MP3 and MP4 players

Works as thumb drive

TV and FM radio

Hiphone MP15 Cell Phone

If you play games for the Hiphone F003 or need the manual, you have come to the right place. In addition to games there are tutorials and various applications for the F003. Visit the share at 4Shared and enjoy.

See some photos of the Hiphone F003. Sounds like the official iPhone, does not it?

Hiphone is a low-quality device compared to Apple’s iPhone model. The used parts are of inferior quality as well as the finishing of the apparatus. The screen has a considerably worse resolution compared to Apple’s models, and the software does not even look like Apple’s iOS.

The Hiphone F003 has several versions with variations in the settings. Before buying clarify everything with the seller, and know that Hiphone is not iPhone ! Many sellers with bad intentions sell the device as if it were the model of Apple, charging an absurd price for the model. It just is not worth it. If you want an Apple device, ask a friend to buy it for you abroad, or buy it from an authorized store.

Have you ever had a Hiphone? What did you think of the device? Would you recommend it to someone?