Oxxo Design New Jewelery

Oxxo Design wonder who you are …

We have long liked Oxxo Design is behind faceted jewelery design which is primarily aimed at women, but in many cases also appeals to men. Now Oxxo again with a new collection that we look forward. From Oxxos page will ask you if you know who you are. Are you perhaps a Mister or Miss Classic? This is of course a play on the names of their jewelry comics and something that can actually make you think a little ..

Who are you?

It is interesting to see how the Oxxo Design manages to produce design that is so different and yet so clearly linked.By working with different materials, you get up very different emotions and that is why you can get from Oxxo elegant and stylish jewelry as well as more earthy accessories. Now we must of course not be a specific type of person to want a certain part of Oxxos collection. It is understood that we all experience some different moods on different days and the answer to Oxxos matter who you are might be that it depends on when the question is asked.

Jewelry that gives freedom

You could say that Oxxo Design develops jewelry that gives you the freedom to be who you want to be today. When you want to feel like a movie star so provides Oxxos collections crystals and beautiful shine, and for days when you need a little more strength in everyday life, you can go for a leather bracelet with a metal insert. We think it’s exciting and interesting jewelry that also has a message and Oxxo provides a balance between the written and unwritten.Here, the one who loves skulls come to find new jewelry favorites as well as those who like it more stylish and laid-back.

Let’s look a little closer at the three Miss is now underway …


This is a trendy collection with selected creations available in MustownJewelry. The jewelery is made of leather, feathers and includes sparkling stones. Surfaces are soft and with colors like copper, old silver and bronze to create a sense of vintage. We believe that this collection will be many people’s favorite Oxxo.


It’s all about style and about being trendy. Hard edges and clear design language contributes to the smooth feeling you get of creations. Oxxo Design has used the summer colors and trendy rose gold. The inspiration comes from fashion capitals like Paris, New York and London as of course.


Here we see a design that is more timeless. Oxxo Presents Miss CLASSIC classic jewelry, steel, leather and Swarovski stones. This is jewelry that can fit any woman, and that can be a really good choice if you want to surprise with a gift that exudes style and elegance.