That Bring Your Home Into The Light: Dimmable LED Recessed Downlight

…mit original LEDs by Philips®

Recessed spotlights are ideal for uniform illumination of the room, hallway, bathroom, kitchen or any other room. Because they consume little power, hold and transform almost the entire energy into light, they save money – quite apart from the environmental aspect vs. power-guzzling halogen spotlights.

LED spotlights-discreet light with many advantages

The low heat development also enables you to incorporate LED spotlight also in places with low space, where the risk of fire with conventional lights would be too large.

Another advantage: Because LED Recessed spotlights are so flat, hardly reduce the ceiling height and ‘disappear’ near the ceiling. So subtly they fit just about anywhere. LED Recessed spotlights are ideal for stylish design accents. Finally, they are always there to the point where they are required on the kitchen countertop, reading area or on the ceiling in the bathroom.Finely adjusted lighting targeted objects.

, By the way: An integration of the ceiling lighting offers especially when a ceiling panel is mounted. A transformer is not required for 230-Volt lamps (GU10 base type), instead, 230-Volt LED Recessed spotlights can be connected directly to the electricity mains.

And to manage the installation of LED downlights in the ceiling of a panel:

With a LED-Recessed spotlights-set, you have all you need basically:

-3 x LED lamp 4W of dimmable, Philips®
-3 x mounting ring chrome matt VIDI
-3 x connector socket incl. 15 cm cable
-Bolt circle diameter (bore 75 mm)
-Aperture: 82 mm

Otherwise need yet still the one or the other tool for installation: hole saw, shrink tape and cable connector/cross connector

In addition to various forms of housing (round, square) LED recessed downlight also in different shades of white light are available at for even more individual design options.

Warning: The following operations must perform only by a qualified technician. Very important: adhere to the current safety regulations and in any case before the 230V switch off power at the fuse box!

Here is a video, such as the installation of LED Recessed spotlights properly:

Now we can start.

Go BB´s

  1. using a hole saw, drill holes for the recessed lighting.Important: luminaire installation and wiring must be carried out together with the mounting or cable must be installed in the ceiling).
  2. cables (cable used to connect the LED lamps and supply line to the light switch) pull until the drilled out and under the ceiling covering into the respective openings.
  1. lamp connect the electrical cables:
  • Approximately 10-12 remove mm of the cable insulation of both cables, so that the three veins just lie.
  • Phase and neutral drop off both cables and draw the heat shrink tubing over both cable.
  • Both wires of the light switch cable equipped with connectors.
  • Twisting a cable of connection socket to one end of the connection cable (which doesn’t matter).
  • With the light switch cable connect the twisted end of the cable connector.Repeat for the other side.
  • Heat shrink tubing slide up over the cable connector down and shrink with lighter or hair dryer.
  • Connected wire into hole push back so that only the Terminal socket stands out.
  1. Security ring mounting ring, lamp put in and secure with safety ring.
  2. luminaire connection connect the wired socket plug.
  3. press the LED recessed downlight into the opening (with clamp holder on the mounting ring snaps).

We have found here a tutorial with pictures to Panel ceiling mount for you.

We wish you good luck.


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