The Best of The Week: Come The Rates for IPad and Presents The Palm Pixi Plus in Spain

We leave behind a week in which the main protagonist has been Vodafone, with different rates and presenting news of the Palm Pixi Plus in Spain, we inform you of this in advance, and thanks to Matias and our twitter we inform you about the live details.

Android, a quiet week

During the week we met to the three terminals of the family Xperia X 10 Sony Ericsson would have an update to Android 2.1 officially at the end of the year. I feel a little late, but at least it seems that it will come accompanied by important developments by the firm as recording video in high-definition on the Xperia X 10.

Curious to know the proportion of according to OS that Samsung smartphones that they intend to put on the market during 2010 50% of their smart phones will be Android, and 33% will be bada. We can ascribe the rest to some Symbian and Windows Mobile terminals that remain in production.

Last week it was pretty warm with regard to the debate between followers of Flah and detractors, I’m sure that you’ll see that it being spent a Nexus One with HTML5 and Flash.

Us not forget says Redos Dropbox has appeared for Google’s operating system.

iPhoneOS 4.0

More that Apple’s new phone is spoken characteristics depending on what they are discovering of the development libraries released the beta 3 of iPhone OS 4.0 release. As a result we have been able to phone to record video in high definition.

iPad, Movistar and Orange rates

Without get out of Vodafone We also confirmed that it stays with the HTC HD Mini exclusively, and talking about this time rates, we present Internet with you 2 hours.

We have had the opportunity to know the rates for the iPad offering Movistar and Orange, I do not seem to me very interesting, especially for the Orange operator. We also inform you about the new commitment of Pepephone, with 4 cents the minute and 400MB.

Simyo It also presents us his interesting rate of 5 cents the minute. Finally, we recommend that you take a look at the comparative low cost of major operators by Plokiko voice rates.

Other news of interest

Taking advantage of that we able to meet a good representation of the major phones on the market we have submitted a proof of HTML5 support, with interesting results.

Another curious story is that the keyboard Swype It is being a success, creator of the extended T9 is projected before the end of the year find it in more than 10 million phones.

If terminasteis not tired information over the Nokia N8 last week, in this we make a summary of the latest images that we find in the network on the actual device, as well as a video of your browser in operation.

We ended up recommending curious article Christian has prepared for us on how to transform a conventional SIM into a MicroSIM in a way to the hand of somebody.

News more valued by readers

  • Nokia N8 does 32GB?, video web browser and latest images circulating on the net.
  • Samsung: 50% Android, 33% bada
  • Palm Pixi Plus with Vodafone starting May 10
  • Own Voice, record and share your own voice for Ovi GPS navigation maps
  • Swype in more than 10 million phones before the end of the year