The Twelve Most Discussed Male Looks of The Madrid Fashion Week (I)

Hindsight, things are seen from another point of view. And is that, frankly, the Madrid fashion week in the field of the proposals for man It seems that you still fails to start at all. I.e., personal way, I think that strength missing. Although there are always exceptions, less evil! Today we show you Twelve of the most discussed looks. Some good, others not so much, but ultimately, outfits that have given that talk.

Roberto Verino

While Andalusian-tinged collection has not been the best of Roberto Verino – many have not understood very well why, for a moment, it seemed that Verino had seized the spirit of Victorio and Lucchino – it has been a very commented by a surprise show. This was not another back up the runway to the Dutch top super Mark Vanderloo. Blessed are the eyes that see him. For granted, It was discussed more than, that’s the looks that paraded, some like this too iridescent.

Francis Montesinos

The colourful Garden by Francis Montesinos was a bit bland, and for my taste, it lacked spark, styling, coordination… Still had prints pretty funny, like butterflies, and less successful details, such as the skulls that adorned some clothes -they were like little confusing – here is an example. Even so, pieces were saved as this knit sweater draught in shades of blue, but nor is it to be a ‘little view’ thing or surprising, but rather repetitive.

Ion Fiz

His collection tribute to Portuguese porcelain It gave us more than one masculine look, literally, too much Harlequin, catwalk stuff… Although East costume in blue candy striped detail is not bad at all, Maybe the top of gauze that accompanies it with geometric print was not the best piece to combine. In addition, costume seemed to be a little big shoulders, the fitting (set of clothes to model) I think that you could have improved much, or perhaps I I do not hear, and it was an effect created by the way, everything can be.

Ana Locking

It is a task which is spoken more than a few accessories to a collection in itself same. And is that the proposal of Ana Locking Although it left a good taste among the followers of the toledan style – here myself -, was more guided by the similar necklaces you removed with the Andres Gallardo. Ana confirmed that it was no accident, there was no plagiarism, although by then the network was already it fumed. To me me has surprised because in addition Locking has always been characterized by removing plug-ins very cool and original.

David Dolphin

About David Dolphin, personally, I do not understand much, I see the same idea of collection over and over again. Ten years on the catwalk which have effectively consolidated its style that, at times, bored me supremely. The miminal roll, zippers, the tranpantojos in parts of tailoring, more of the same. The only thing funny that I have seen has been the print ‘children’s wax chips’, pure kitchen countertop style.

María Escoté

The Catalan Designer is tad brief regarding male outputs. The collection-tinged cannibals was funny, rowdy, and as usual in his case, dark. The bouncer more top the rocker-tribal bomber insurance become two musts for one ‘modern’ or fashionista – I me them would. And it is that we know that the style of María Escoté in this sector, like.