Use The IPhone as a Touchpad on a Future Slave Laptop, Apple’s New Patent

There are many manufacturers who have explored the possibility to converge the two main sectors where technology is concerned: the world of mobile phones and computers laptops. Some hybrids are being born by the road, often based on software but also talking about components, accessories that dream with serve as a bridge between both devices.

Is not the first time that it is of connect a mobile phone to a laptop, but you can make it one of the most ingenious options. As oldest case, unless the memory fails us, we can find the Motorola Atrix laptop, and recently have the accessory of HP Elite X 3. Other proposals intended to convert the phone in a tablet or laptop, such as the Padfone and your system to insert the phone back.

An iPhone as a Trackpad

The latest patent of Apple appears to be seeking a method by which convert an iPhone on a portable computer, placing the phone where the Macbooks have the Touchpad. Mobile phone would thus become the touch surface of this portable slave who would serve the power of the phone to work, We don’t know yet whether IOS iPad Pro style or if a version of Mac OSX.

The laptop would miss a hand, even though it would be almost an accessory that would bring one greater screen and a keyboard. According to the patent registered by Apple, this accessory It would also have a GPU to help with the management of the graphics in one higher screen, and also by adding more power to operate as if a computer were. Also explores the possibility of adding memory to the attachment, possibly internal storage.

A portable slave who would be connected via Lightning or wirelessly

For practical purposes we would talk about a screen and a keyboard external, configured with form notebook, which would use the iPhone as a touch surface and could not operate without it, although the patent includes the possibility of using an iPad instead of a phone. Would have to see how much area is air in this case, because the Apple tablets ranged from the 7.9 to 12.9 inches. We assume that the attachment would work for the Mini, but is something that is not revealed.

The connection between the phone and this attachment to become portable occur via a Lightning inside of it, in the area of the keyboard, but also provides wireless connection, so theoretically it could be used without having to enter the phone in this space enabled to do so. Here the possibility opens to use a larger iPad.