We Interviewed a Paco Varela, Creative Director of VRL: “I’m Dark”

Caught backstage. Paco is who wears his designs.
Peccato is a before and an after in the collections of Paco Varela.

Makes me many thanks that Paco Varela (creative director of VRL, stylist and entrepreneur), entrepreneur as few and fashionista almost of religion, answer me some questions third person. It’s funny because I sometimes do the same thing, and neither of them have nothing to do (for now) with that of the reality.

Paco Varela is a Cadiz’s infectious smile and beard more than lush. Beard, who already wore much before all the retrosexual, as I roll. In addition, and if all off, Paco feels a bit (quite) Italian. I, although I consider myself more than anything else briton, also feel Italian molto times.

The MIS VRL what I discovered when I was preparing the special ‘Promises of Spain’, and in the first image (in high definition) I saw your designs, I was fascinated. Paco tells stories and also knows to create garments that, aside from having a life of its own, surprising and pleasing by a impeccable pattern, as well as a technique that shows more than your perfectionism.

In case outside little, Paco is loved by the people, I asked a few people (to many), and none said anything negative from him. Conversely, all “respondents”, distributed praise right and left for/with the tireless creator. To me, that says a lot about the person, especially considering that, in the world of fashion, sometimes they fly sharp knives, without fear of cutting. Today Varela is left to learn a little bit more, and to make matters worse, gives us one to another first rigorous exclusive.

Your latest OI12, ‘Pecatto’, collection is eclectic as few. Relating to Catholicism, renewed tailoring, skirts, animal print, feathers… Tell me a little of it.

As you said his name, ‘Le’ is a collection that tempts to sin as a moral crime, attraction and desire as I long to satisfy taste. It has as objective the possession of desire, the beauty on the other and the satisfaction of the senses. For me all that is sin and I have reflected that word in all the garments in the collection both in used tissues as in the pattern design and fashion accessories that complete the looks, all make reference to the desire and to see the man that you saw it, you feel an attraction in a way or another. I think Peccato is a before and an after in the collections of Paco Varela.

Instead the PV12, although name ‘Dramma’, is much more cheerful vitalista or positivist (in comparison to the previous one), than graphics as well. Why this change?

It should be noted that Paco Varela is “dark” and sometimes tries to introduce a little color in the collections of summer but without losing its essence. Dramma SS12 is the continuation of the Neofolk OI11 collection ‘, printed shirts patchwork, liberty or cashmere but is also complemented with t-shirts silk-screened with illustrations of Baroque women and tragic faces.

Know you, your NeoFolk OI2011 collection with allusions to bullfighting and aesthetic bohochic fascinated me, tell me all about it, good what you want.

The Neofolk AW11 collection was inspired by dreams and fantasy of Goya, a painter who has always fascinated me. I focused on two key stages of the artist, the bulls and the black paintings. It was a look into the past that gathers inspiration from early 19th century adapted to the 21st century. Shirts with shoulder pads and applications of sequins inspired by the costumes of lights were strong in the collection items.

Your man is very latin lover, I do not say to your tab of Valencia Fashion Week says it. Are you agree?

The term latin lover makes reference to the desire, to romanticism, Heartthrob, a lover… I believe that it will not wrong-headed (laughs).

We will see at some point (again) a woman Paco Varela, I know that you have more than one female fan which Pyrrha for your designs.

The truth is that since the last collection that became a woman in winter 2009 I received many “complaints” girls “outraged” and wanting to do it again, I also have friends actresses who ask me to red carpet dresses and is like a thorn I have riveted as something personal with them. So first you say that We are already with the 13/14 winter collection and we are designing something for girl but it will be shortly since it strong Paco Varela is the man.

To make a good collection to parade need long time and concentrate on what you’re doing

Speaking of Valencia Fashion Week, which forms part the official calendar, tell me how this young catwalk has evolved. The truth is that, for me, has been a breath of fresh air…

Fully in agreement. The Valencia Fashion Week I think that it is a new platform that is going very strong. Apart from celebrating in an incomparable setting such as Agora and that it has little to envy to other gateways, I was very happy with managers and the organization. Of course I’ll be back.

I would like to make the leap to Madrid or Barcelona?, although I know very well that you are happy where you are. And at the international level?

Of course that’d paraded in Madrid or Barcelona, but I have participated in several alternative catwalks in Madrid, but I have no hurry, I like to do things well and slowly but steadily. The fact of having opened the shop in Madrid, that in the month of August a year, also has done that you have to measure out my time between collections, production and manage the store and obviously to make a good collection to parade need long time and concentrate on what you’re doing. We are now in procedures to sell Paco Varela in Italy which is a market that I’ve been back long time and there are several shops that are interested. This makes that it can not stand collections each season due to lack of time. In 2008 I paraded on the catwalk Jovens Criadores of ModaLisboa in Portugal and now I’ve had an offer to ride on Vancouver Fashion Week but by what I’ve said before, it was not the time, international jump has to be spectacular!

To all this, we are going to talk about sales. What they most sell VRL?

At the time of the sales we focus more on the production of t-shirts and shirts that are the strong point of the firm. Prints the shirts are key and are made to stand out from the rest and the truth is that they have very good reception. T-shirt icon is that of the lungs, in 2010 the actor Eduardo Casanova was the image of the garment, we have been pulling it out on sale for four years but we always change the colors or lung or shirt, remains our pledge star.

In addition to designer and creative director, art in itself goes on all four sides – go phrase typical/topical – tell me about your facet as a stylist. I see you very conceptual, me gusta, me gusta…

Thank you (laughs). Because the truth is that I was two years as stylist at which they learned a lot, within what fit is a fork of what design, runs parallel since when designing looks for runway or doing the shoots of the campaigns must be the outfits. Published in many of the national fashion magazines and specialized press of United States, Mexico and Germany. I also did commercials and video clips for Sergio Dalma.

For those who don’t know, Paco Varela also has its own store (slide Baja de San Pablo 53) in the underground heart (increasingly less) Madrid, tell me about your local malasanero.

The Paco Varela shop is located in the District of Malasaña near the Fuencarral Street. To satiate this crisis that surrounds us when it comes to dress I decided to join several young designers and new national brands along with my own and create a multi-space where also exhibitions and presentations of collections are made. The ongoing search for trends and new brands IN is one of my priorities for the shop, when I see several times on the street a garment that has exited my tent is removed and is looking for new sensations… I like the exclusive.

Photography and digital art Kiko Alcazar.

Finally I leave you with my legendary test fast. You seem absurd, like, but for me it says a lot about the person, in addition to the character.

Favorite food and drink: chicken in sauce with French fries.Bedside book: The picture of Dorian Gray.Film does not get tired of seeing: Manuale d’amore.A disc to listen to over and over again: Right now I have discovered the new Nina Zilli and I love.You’d lose in… Milano, love that city, as you can see I am very Italian (laughs).A dream: I have so many… to be able to continue working on what I like.

The strong Paco Varela is the man.

The question blank… tell me what you want you, if not you’ve told them is no one before, better.

See I tell you… There are several interesting projects for start of autumn that I can not tell because it gives bad luck but that will undoubtedly give much to talk about because you will have a great impact and in December I’ll be jury along with Lorenzo Caprile at the 47th National Concurs de Mollerussa Paper Vestits, which makes me very excited because the results of dresses made entirely on paper seem true works of art.

I know you won’t say anything but I can get, even if it is a small or a detail of your next cole, come anda…

(Laughs). Good collection of summer 2013 is inspired by the island of Capri, He returns with force tailoring, skirts for chico and put new in signing the point.