What Dresses Favor Me If I Have Body Tube?

The bodies Figure tube, also known as box body, they are characterized by straight, with a bust, waist and hip of similar size and a poorly defined waist, but when dressed get create curves, we can look a figure Very stylized and very envied, or if not ask the famous Cameron Diaz or Renee Zellweger.

Today I am going to explain to you with which dresses we will be able to mark better the curves of the Body type Tube.

What dresses favor me if I have Body Tube?

The goal to choose dresses is clear, create and mark curves, so we will have to choose the following types of dresses from PINCKARDDRESS.COM:

Dresses types the 50s, with wide skirts. The wide and comfortable skirts will help you boost your hips.

Dresses that cut at the waist or just below the chest, with this type of cut we will look more chest and waist will look smaller, so if you have body tube this cut will make you look spectacular.

Dressed like a apron, let’s simulate an apron of those who wear it so they do not stain at home, with their back to the air and that is tied, or at least surrounds the neck, and if it also girds to the waist better than better.

Dressed with contrasts on the sides, if on the sides the dress takes contrasts your waist will be much more defined.

Dress shirts, shirt dresses are a classic, never go out of style, and if there is a body type that really feels good is to the body tube. You can find very different shirt dresses, with short or long sleeves, different lengths and even with different cuts, so that this type of dress enhances your figure well it is best to use them with wide belts or belts, give a touch More feminine and also you will be able to mark the waist, especially if they are very wide.

Dresses with contrasting colors between the top and bottom. Having different colors in the area above that in the skirt you will get an optical effect with the most marked curves.

Dresses with enough neckline, low-cut dresses will give prominence to the chest and also help to make the waist look finer. Peplum
dresses, in addition to being very bonutos will enhance the shape of your hips.

Dressed with pleats, pleats add volume to your figure so you’ll look great with them, especially if you’re thin.

What dresses do not suit you if you have Body Pipe?

Try to avoid tube dresses, they will accentuate your lack of curves more and you will look even more straight, here is an exception if they are dressed with tube cut but with lateral contrasts they will feel you fable.

The dresses that are cut in the hip will not favor you, will give the sensation that the trunk is wider than it really is.

Dresses with prints on the waist. With the prints we should try to highlight the top or bottom of the body, but if the print is on the waist will be the center of attention and the body will look more straight.

As for the length of the dress, either will be perfect, although if you want the legs to look longer, avoid the lengths that go below the knee and the top of the ankles.