Wikileaks Filtration Causes a Rapid Response on Apple: ‘Almost’ All Is Corrected

The news yesterday was the publication of nearly 9,000 documents of the CIA from Wikileaks. Through them I discovered the existence of a team of hackers in the CIA, “his own NSA” which had managed to hack both iOS as Android, and which had come to revoke encryption WhatsApp, Telegram and other messaging services. Signal, by the way, was among them.

The relieved situation was so severe that Apple has wasted little time in coming out for the face, Although it has been through a statement sent to the media. In this release, the company directed by Tim Cook says that almost all of the vulnerabilities that allowed this unauthorized access to your system by the CIA were already cured. The problem is that not all been solved.

Safety day

As in all operating systems, security patches are not distributed equally and older versions end up staying tegular locomotive pulling the entire ecosystem. It is the case of Android and disparity of assessments and despite the fact that iOS has a more stable system, it has also suffered this problem.

No one is exempt from attacks by experienced hackers, not even the airtight Apple. The company claims to have controlled much of the 14 exploits yesterday revealed by Wikileaks, security holes in iOS that the CIA would have taken advantage to track geolocations, monitor communications and even take control of some terminals at distance.

“Our initial analysis indicates that” many of the weaknesses that have been leaked today already were corrected with the latest iOS”. The latest iOS, not earlier versions, so users who have not taken the step to upgrade to the latest version or have failed, by having an older device, would still be exposed to possible attacks by the CIA privacy.

“Apple will continue to work to address any identified vulnerabilities quickly”, said from the company, committing itself to the improvement of the security of their operating system, and they have concluded his statement with a necessary, although obvious, call for updates: “Always we ask our customers to download the latest version of iOS to be sure that you have the latest security updates”.