You Can Build Yourself an IPhone 6s Cheaper Than The Original from Spare Parts, If You Are Skilled

Whenever a new high-end mobile phone launches usually appear one or more articles that refer to their production costs. Sums of parts resulting in a lower cost to the selling price of devices, sometimes much lower. The difference? Costs of structures are not taken into account the manufacturer or your profit margin.

Now a user has wanted to carry out a personal project and your video already causes furor in the technological media. Scotty Allen, Strange parts, He has traveled to China to acquire an iPhone 6s piece by piece distributors and local technical services. The result is that it has built its own mobile phone, an iPhone reconditioned 6s made with their own hands. But it has not left you anything cheap, and everything is her fault.

Cheaper than the original if you don’t make many mistakes

Allen travelled to Shenzhen, world capital of the mobile phone industry, and there has become, little by little, the components needed to make your own iPhone 6s. A housing gold pink here, cameras there, the motherboard in this other site and various chips to complete the puzzle of your new mobile phone.

With some help not authorized technical services of Apple, Allen got even make holes for antennas and wiring with laser and get to assemble your own mobile phone. An adventure more than interesting but which, unfortunately, has not been very profitable beyond’s own experience, or what you can get for his video in Youtube.

The real cost of the components purchased by Allen has ascended to the $300 but the full phone has cost him close to $1,000 in total. The blame for this overwhelming overrun, nearly 230% above the cost of parts, has been because of their own mistakes during the welding of components of its, now itself functional, iPhone 6s.

So if we are skillful and not make many mistakes along the way, we could be able to build our own iPhone 6s for a price less than the original that currently 660 euros at the official Apple store. Anything reviewed Allen about the guarantee, of course, and trying to be a phone built by their own means there is no guarantee that is worth. But now nobody not can be removed the experience.