10 Best Suppliers of Wedding Sweets in Sao Paulo

One of the best phases in the organization of the wedding is the tasting of the sweets, the difficult is to maintain the diet… rs. After all, who resists a wedding cake ? Jokes aside, the table of sweets also deserves attention, so we selected the 10 best suppliers of wedding sweets in São Paulo.

Piece Of Cake

Enchanting the couples by the creativity and mainly in the flavor of cakes and candies for marriage. The Piece of Cake maintains close contact with the brides, as well as developing candy with details that are part of the couple’s universe.

Among the highlights are the sablé dulce de leche, the golden ball of brigadeiro and the chocolate waffle.The preparation of sweets is made shortly before the wedding, ensuring the freshness and taste of the products on the big day.

Giuliana Pimenta Well Married and Fine Sweets

Following a traditional recipe of family already consecrated, well-married are prepared by hand, guaranteeing a unique result to the palate of the bride and groom and their guests.

The success of Giuliana Pimenta’s wedding sweets and cakes is the result of a careful process that uses the best ingredients to ensure an unforgettable taste.

Sugar Workshop

The well- known well-married of Oficina do Açúcar follow the traditional Portuguese recipe that made the candy known worldwide.Every production of the well-married is made by skilled professionals, guaranteeing the title of best married in the market.

Unique and personalized packaging adds a special touch to the sweetness that can not be missed in any wedding.

May Macarons

Success in weddings, the famous French macaron made originally with almonds and sugar, earned a delicious recipe based on cashew nut flour and fillings inspired in Brazil.

All ingredients and fresh fruits are selected with great care and care by Chef Mayra Toledo, being mixed with chocolate to become creamy and tasty fillings.

Fleur de Sucre

In its 5-year history, Fleur De Sucre collects a number of successful stories and sweets, including the famous paçoca cake filled with dulce de leche and crunchy white chocolate.

Specialist in the art of confectionery, the company is always in search of new flavors and ideas, maintaining the excellence in the quality of each sweets.For weddings, the brand also makes decorated cakes and special sweets.

Alessandra Tonisi

Atelier Alessandra Tonisi, located in São Paulo, makes sugary delights that sharpen the palate and enchant the visual. Wedding cakes, sweets, well-weds and  Engagements are the specialties made with pleasure in the palate and in the visual so that every event is unique and has the face of the hosts.

Santanna Divine Sweets

At Sant’Anna Sweets you will find delicate sweets, made with lots of love, color and flavor.Besides tasty, they have the pot cake a great suggestion to be wedding favors.

Fina Nata-Well Married & Something More

Fine sweets, artistic cakes, well-weddings and cup-cakes, that is, everything you need to make the candy table at your wedding. It is possible to schedule the tasting of these delicacies at the Hotel Tivoli-Mofarrej or at the studio by appointment, both in São Paulo.

The Passion Candy

Delicious and sophisticated handmade candies prepared with rigorously selected ingredients that will win over all your guests.

Dolce Nanda Atelier

Fine sweets, personalized and handmade.After all, unique moments deserve unique sweets with quality, flavor and love in production.

In addition to the candy table , you can also innovate with a trend that is very successful in weddings-the islands of donuts. Click on the link and check everything on this subject.

Gaby Tosi

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