Apple Vs. Palm: “Go to Por Ti”

In the presentation of results made by Apple yesterday, its chief operating officer, Tim Cook was asked about competition from the iPhone by Android, BlackBerry and Palm. His response was: “ we approach to this business as a company’s software platforms. We are watching the scene. We like competition provided not stolen us our intellectual property (IP). And if they do, we will go to anyone doing it & #8221;

The threat appears to be directly against Palm and model Palm Pre, which incorporates an interface “ multitouch ” since Apple has patents on this technology. Asked if I was referring to Palm, Mr. Cook replied: “ do not want to talk about a particular company. We are prepared to sue and go against anyone. However, we will not allow that they steal our property intellectual. & #8221;.

Everything seems to indicate that Apple has taken seriously the Palm Pre. It is not only design, or the quality of the terminal and your operating system, that are still to be seen. Palm is still a mark of prestige in the USA and many of their former users they are precisely those of higher income. Let us hope that the thing does not reach the courts, but would not be the first time that it slows to a competitor by demands and endless trials.