Digi Mobil Improves Their Rates for Card Prepaid with More Megs for The Same Price and Cheaper 4GB

Digi Mobil, one of the few independent MVNO remaining with Movistar coverage just updated its complete range of card rates with a increase free megs in all the options already available as well as a new bonus 4 GB, the cheapest so far among all the offer low cost available on prepaid.

Operator known for specializing in cheap international calls and roaming free travel between Spain, Romania and Italy, now also becomes one of the most interesting virtual as its domestic fares with improvements that have been added 250 MB free to your bonus 5 euro reaching the 750 MB, 500 MB free in the bonus of 8 euros to get 1.5 GB and has lowered four euros bonus 2 GB What now happens to cost 10 euros, facilitating the creation of the new bonus of 4 GB for 15 euros, the Double for 1 euro more gigs than ever before.

These rates will continue to maintain the cost of your calls at prices that priori may be unappealing although speaking fees prepaid, aren’t so crazy and keep the 2 cents per minute to landlines and Digi or 5 cents/minute to other mobile, with the advantage of having one of the establishments of call cheaper and the validity in international calls. In addition the bonus will remain can be combined with the bonds of 400 and 800 minutes for 10 and 15 euros respectively.

But Digi has also updated its rate Combo which includes 100 minutes that keeps the price 10 euros, increasing 500 MB free up to 1.5 GB and has also created a new chance allowing hire 3 GB for 15 euros in your targeted bonus to those who speak little but want to save the call set-up.

In terms of excess data, Digi Mobil continues reducing speed to 32 Kbps but has improved the data credits extra that are available for card users both contract, creating a new basic bonus of 100 MB for 1 euro and improving the rest of bonds where we now find the bonus of 2 euro with 250 MB, the extra bonus of 5 euros, which now includes 750 MB and the bonus extra 8 euro climbing 1 to 1.5 GB.

With regard to competition, Digi Mobil has matched nearly the cost of 2 and 4 GB of MÁSMOVIL, so that both operators become the alternative more cheap with the main difference that Digi has coverage Movistar and MÁSMOVIL covered Orange.

So is the offer complete rates Digi