Elegance with a Dot Rogue in The Past of Zara’s Lookbook

If you do just one month Zara could conquer me with its fantastic campaign autumn/winter 2012 / 2013, admit that today I won all Thanks to its latest lookbook. In it we find a series of stylish outfits, but with a dot rogue that I love.

Predominate colors White, black, gray and Navy Blue, leaving little space to other tones. The tacks and white t-shirts coexist with jacket and coats hair collar suits. And closed beard … Ay beard! Zara is paid also to the facial look par excellence of this season. Here’s a more detailed review of the lookbook.

Cross jacket, gold buttons and broken jeans. Why not? Two extremes coming together to give as a result a sober look but classy.

This season is going to be seduced by the tacks, that I find them in garments as rock as this leather jacket & #8230;

… or also accessories like this wallet. Once again we see an interesting contrast: suit tie formal style and a portfolio with tacks fairly casual Jacket.

The long coat with details of hair in the neck, already they were fashionable last year, remain trend this season. Only suitable for really cold days.

As we have said countless times in Jezebel man, a white t-shirt It is a basic that should abound in any wardrobe Fund. You can combine with almost anything. In this case, it appears with a vest and black pants. An American completes the outfit.

A white shirt is also perfectly combinable with one Warrior jacket. The first garment removes drama and formality to the second, creating a fantastic look.

And finally, we look at a totally casual look, based on denim and, once again, white t-shirt. Highlights the jacket worn with Golden studs and contrast sleeves.

You can then see the lookbook full.

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