HTC Could Enter The Market of Consumption

Although it is considered that higher level products better suffer economic crises than the most basic, the truth is that HTC, specializing in the manufacture of smartphones, has suffered a decline in sales and profits in the last quarter, but it is also true that the Asian manufacturer accounts seem to have suffered most due to the delay of its new terminals such as Magic and the second generation of Touch Pro y Diamond why the crisis itself.

Whether or not related to this, it seems that HTC is planning the launch of a new range of terminals a step below its current range, moving that they would not integrate an operating system as Android o Windows Mobile, but a proprietary solution with less possibilities to the style of the medium ranges of LG o Samsung, as the Cookie or the F480, so successful have reported them.

That is, terminals do not necessarily from basic benefits but with less options in terms of application and expansion, as is it would depend on more HTC to do so, by controlling the operating system first-hand. In this case is it speculation that it would be based on the platform BREW of Qualcomm, with touch screen and multimedia flash applications, it sounds much to the interface TouchWiz of Samsung.

Though usually not very usual demoted from manufacturing, but this decision would help to HTC to increase its popularity, its share of global market and therefore the benefits, to the end and Cape cheap phones can represent more money than more expensive models. The departure date would be in the last quarter of 2009, so it will still have to wait.