HTC Sells 80% of Terminal Windows Mobile

We can certainly say that there is a special bond between Microsoft y HTC, both are fed a symbiosis that allows them to maintain their current business, or in the case of the Taiwanese company grow, tried that the aging of the platform Windows Mobile never to be effective.

At the Microsoft Conference, past MWC, very interesting numbers, came as the Taiwanese company is responsible for 80 percent of sales of phones Windows Mobile.

A surprisingly high number if we take into account that the Windows Mobile platform has other 49 members in market. Among which are Samsung, Palm, Motorola or Sony Ericsson. Together they have put on the market a figure close to 10 million Terminal.

Peter Chou, CEO of HTC, announced that the company has sold more than 40 million of HTC devices with Windows Mobile in the world. Remember that this relationship with Microsoft goes back twelve years ago, which is when they began to have their first meetings.

It is clear that both have become necessary in this way, in spite of this, HTC is aware that play everything to a letter can be dangerous, so it is also a leading manufacturer of the first phones Android, and the unique in being placed on the market.

Adding figures above, and listening to Andy Lees, senior Vice President of Microsoft Mobile Communications Business, the company has sold more than 50 million devices Windows Mobile throughout his life. Given this, the success of HTC on the platform you may qualify monopoly, to the extent that Microsoft It uses them to each presentation of your products.

Without going to ask if it is good that HTC as discerned to hijack Microsoft platform, whether it is right to recognize that it is one of the few companies that help the system to move forward, with new, innovative devices and first class.

In addition to be making an effort to improve, with Touch Flo 3D, the weak point of Windows Mobile, its user interface, trying to make everyday to make the phone functions in a touch and intuitive way in the path that was two years ago the iPhone Apple.

Unfortunately, other companies, like Palm and Motorola, have been unable to successfully launch a range of phones Windows Mobile, so HTC has not had a tough competition in this regard, and somehow it has been filling the gap left by other companies.

Looking to the future in the hands of Windows Mobile 6.5, taking into account that thriving competition in operating systems will deliver even more of the market, the presentation of the new HTC phones predicts that these figures are not only maintained, but improve, if it is that there is room to do so.