Today, wall clocks have more decorative than utility. By function therefore of choice within the hours must immediately decide which room they are installed.

Inside a Quartz Wall Clock1

Original Pattern for Cooking

Children’s cooking, you can choose the hours related to the theme of nourriture. Ideal look like the model in the form of pots, plates, cups and divers. Fruits are also more original clock for the kitchen, for example, those where the dial is set in the context of a fan of spoons, forks. In addition, the kitchen clock must be combined with other interior design elements – furniture, curtains.

Inside a Quartz Wall Clock2

The kitchen is usually high humidity and constant temperature changes, it will be better to choose a plastic model, glass or metal. for a child’s room is better to choose bright, gay watch under the form of animaux.Pas wrong here will look and cuckoo traditional. Choose a watch for a child, do not forget that children are generally characterized by high mobility and activity, so it is best to buy a solid model made ​​of natural materials.

Inside a Quartz Wall Clock3

Choice of Hours of Bedroom and Living Room

The bedroom is better to hang a clock with low progression arrows. Of course, they also have to match the design of the piece. For example, if a bedroom interior designed in classic style will be appropriate wall clocks in wooden décor. Pour a romantic style – elegant style color pastel. Pour modern high-tech style is best to choose clock. In addition, they work quietly and certainly not hinder. It is better to face Hung the bed, so he woke up immediately, you can see the time to jump out of bed and dressed quickly, or you can enjoy a little more and take a nap. the interior of the living room are possible various experiments with style. For example, the increasing popularity acquire large clock in a classic style or vintage. Pour the hi-tech style lounge adjust the model with a large dial and originales. The characteristics can decorate a room wall several models of watches manufactured in the same style. Despite the fact that today many are used to tell the time by looking at the computer screen or mobile phone, the clocks are still relevant and could serve as a worthy decorate the interior.