Jarabowtie and The Explosion of Color in Fashion Shows OFFs Spring-Summer 2013

The good thing to do a show OFF (those who are not in the official calendar of MBFWM) is that each cooked it is and eat it as you want to. Perhaps that is the reason why some, those who prefer to do what gives them the win, they are mounted on their own and, as in this case, it goes very well the move.

We are talking about the Duet formed by Miguel Jarabo y Antonio Buchannan, Creative’s Jarabowtie. A firm that began with original and very fun bow ties, and which soon made the leap to the garment, by ignoring the demand of their customers/fans, that you were wanting only with add-ins.

‘Nuclear Nights’ -your ultimate collection with proposals for the Spring-summer 2013, presented a couple of days at the Hotel Me Madrid – has been directly a resounding success, the multiple comments on social networks, thus guarantee it, liked the collection.

Within one aesthetic urban and very sporty -point manga, comic and anime – we are cut baggy trousers with pleated strategic, shorts and pants more slim, in the parts below.

While in the part above, see shirts, both short-long sleeved – some with Smart level games, others with marked shoulders, back details lazados, and some other without bottlenecks in effect revisited mao -, a few tank ungainly tops with long roll, t-shirts in effect armor, and as favorite outerwear, The bomber.

On the other hand, are a pair of sophisticated monkeys, the first in beige with infinite straps – one of the favorite accessories of the House – and the second, in Lilac with ornaments in the purest style papiroflexico, without a doubt, two of the highlights of the proposal.

All bathed in a palette of rich and colorful colors -Burgundy, Orange, liliaceos, blue, gray scale, green aquamarine… – sprinkled in very vitalistic and psychedelic prints. Also energetic and very compelling other prints of marbled effects, or even those who emulate explosions.

The iconic sportsgear of Nike, almost always combined with the outfit color, more the transparent belts -I love you-, and fun backpacks and sunglasses, put the touch just style – without diminishing prominence to clothes – at a few looks that don’t need much more.

Buen-rollera. So I qualify to this collection. A bet with a tasteful very bold, on the trends of more highly topical thread. Long live the color and powerful prints.