LG Is Placed as a Third Manufacturer Worldwide

The Korean daily JoongAng, quoting sources from LG Electronics, has published figures that are to LG as third world manufacturer during the past 2008. Ahead and with enough advantage, Nokia and Samsung, appear as first and second classified respectively.

Data head as “ projected sales ”, i.e. projected sales, but that doesn’t mean that they respond to actual sales. Anyway, it is interesting to note the short distance which separates to manufacturers such as Motorola and Sony Ericsson LG, hovering around all the figure of 100 million. Given the problems of the latter, it is possible that LG consolidated their third position this year and even closer to Samsung.

Personally I like the strategy of LG lot. It has a wide range of models, from the most simple to mobile with good designs, it has focused on the tactile without leaving aside other options and is not heavily involved in operating systems (even if they are sure that they are thinking about launching something with Android). The result is that covers many segments market at good prices, that translates into good sales.

I would only like that LG had one best upgrade policy advanced models. The Viewty, for example, has been one of their best selling models and hacked. But having to hack a phone to remove the sound of the camera to take a picture is, at least, bizarre. That someone views that they are demanding mobile LG users and that will translate into improvements for customers.