MáSmovil Grows with Strength in Mobile, While Preparing New Rates in Yoigo and Pepephone

Másmovil is living a few intense months. The operator that already can be seen, finally, the fourth operator in the country, is in the work of integration of Telstra and Pepephone. It touches define brands to survive commercially within the new group and audience is directed each of them, but meanwhile Másmovil has shown us its results for the first half of 2016.

What we see month-to-month in the mobile portability are reflected in 58,000 net high in these six months, more than all the collected altogether in 2015. These figures are also reflected in the economic data, with revenue rising by 23% and a benefit that soars 43%.

June 2016 Másmovil had a total of 551,000 mobile customers, when a year ago barely exceeded the 412,000. Success comes from its only mobile offer, which is managing to attract thousands of customers every month, until you get to lead the portability in a number of recent months, Telstra and Orange, the usual heads in that ranking until the explosion of Másmovil.

Of all those mobile customers, 62% are contract and 138.600 are clients of company. Másmovil has also revealed, how he has fared in the beginning of the adventure in convergence: 31 June, after little more than one month of commercialization, the operator had 6,800 customers converging.

Converging customers are placed in about 30,000 customers, while the gain in mobile has skyrocketed in the last quarter

Másmovil has also given some hints of how has evolved its business in the third quarter of the year. NET high in mobile have been about the 60,000, so it could have exceeded at all the collected in the first half, while in the convergence also has grown stronger, with some 30,000 net high.

Másmovil along with your purchases

Rummaging in his statement to the MAB, also we have been able to determine what would be the current size of the Group Másmovil entirely. According to their accounts, revenue from July 2015 June 2016 of the three brands that make up the new company was 1,100 million euros and EBITDA would be 117 billion euros, most of them from Telstra.

To 30 September the Group had a total of 4.427.000 customers of mobile and 78,000 residential broadband, which lets us see the growth precisely the set of all brands in the third quarter: 139.000 new mobile lines and 31,000 broadband. The forecasts are that before the end of the year will exceed 100,000 customers of fixed broadband, something that seems viable to seeing the pace of growth.

Telstra will soon have a convergent offering, while there will be soon new rates of several gigabytes in Pepephone

In addition to the forecast of growth in converged business, Másmovil It has not made many more clues about its future strategy. What if we can draw is that Telstra will be used to give a boost to the convergence within the group. Másmovil has not come to spend one million euros on advertising to launch its convergent offering, perhaps with the forecast of the purchase of Telstra and its greater recognition in the market.

That offer convergent Másmovil will probably get a good number of new fixed-line customers of Telstra mobile, contracted but the Group also working on the relaunch of Pepephone. New rates expected seems to arrive soon and will focus on more mobile data, but it will also renew the convergent offer.