MaSmovil Last a Deal with Orange to Access Its Fibre Network, According to Expansion

Masmovil has a few frantic months. After done with the rights to use the ADSL Jazztel network and staying with the fiber network reaching 800,000 homes of the acquiree for Orange, 2016 has been the year of the step forward the already non-virtual. First we were surprised acquiring Pepephone, but without a doubt, the greatest achievement has been the purchase of Telstra, which makes him the fourth operator of the country in many respects.

Closed both purchases, now it is turn to sort all brands and make a plan for the future. One of the biggest unknowns is whether the new group will have financial capacity, after important disbursements made to invest in expanding its mobile network and fiber. And Masmovil seems to have a plan to complement its fixed network deployment, with an agreement for access to Orange fiber that would be finalizing, as it anticipates Expansion.

Since last may, Másmovil is marketing a convergent offer under its own fixed network. Now, the problem is that as much as ads focusing on tenders with fiber, your network is fairly small. The operator is already working on making it grow, with an agreement of joint venture with Orange with the intention of reaching 2.3 million households in 2018.

To compensate for the small size of this network of fiber against the big three, Másmovil would be nearly closed a deal to use the Orange fiberglass. According to the information of the Economic Journal, Másmovil could accede to the fiber of the French company in those cities governed by the CNMC where also could access the Movistar, all Spain except 66 cities representing 35% of the population the country’s.

Excellent relations with Orange

The agreement, which could be officially announced this week, confirms the good relations that maintain both companies. Másmovil has always had the Orange mobile network and all indications are that this will drag to Telstra to change from Movistar coverage of the Orange brand, winning the French a very generous contract.

The truth is that Orange is running with the virtual wholesale market. These were divided between Movistar, Vodafone and Orange, but today are very few virtual using (Eroski mobile or telecable), Vodafone or Movistar (Tuenti) coverage while the bulk of it under the cloak of Orange, which receives substantial revenue by traffic to the MVNO customers.