Millicom Galician R Improves Your Combos with Fiber and Debuts New Mobile Rates

Operators are still preparing their rates to, in theory, fit the needs of users and the Millicom Galician R It will be the next move from 1 January 2017, although its current customers may qualify, if they wish, to the new offering mobile and convergent rates from December 22.

Among the innovations in mobile rates you will find new rates unlimited with greater variety of gigs to choose and the replacement of existing rates that affect the rate of 1 cent min and 500 MB which is updated with a new version (also to existing customers) with 0 cents the minute and 1 GB for 1 euro more than before; and the flat rate of 150 minutes that passed to count with 200 minutes (although you lose free calls between family) and climbs up to 2 GB for 1 extra euro, although in this case the change of conditions for customers who already have this rate, it is optional.

With regard to the converging offers, It will be where to find higher sales price with respect to the previous offer posed a monthly savings of between 5 and 9 euros If you are not interested in television and also inherited the improvements of conditions seen for mobile lines with more data and more 4 G to navigate from the mobile.

At the moment we will continue without symmetry and raw speed will follow starting from 50/5 Mbps, although the average speed of HFC fiber goes from 150 to 200/20 Mbps and high speed is then maintained at 350/35 Mbps. The fibre without combining with mobile prices will be 47, 52 and 55 euros respectively while if combined with mobile, they will have a discount of up to 11 euros per month.

In the fixed will also find news and include unlimited calls to landlines national so far but increase the mobile minutes since weekends are included 100 minutes from Monday to Friday and another 1,000 minutes and holidays.

On the service of television, the basic TV package series will be included free of charge in the combos while the family TV and TV Total packages standardize its price regardless of the chosen though it will only be available for the converging with unlimited for a price of 3, 9 and 21 EUR respectively.

The new converging combined, this time, will have a price normally below the prices of the main rivals as you can be seen in the comparison complete and that they are also deploying fiber in Galicia.

So is the offer complete rates R