Mobile in Exclusive with an Operator Would Beneficial for Who?

Although the phones exclusively war began years ago, it seems that the strategy of Apple with its iPhone has made that more and more operators sign agreements to offer certain terminals in exclusivity for a certain time or even during the lifetime of the terminal.

Clear examples of this exclusivity are signed in Spain with great as the iPhone, HTC Dream, Toshiba TG01 or the Palm Pre with Movistar While Vodafone It has managed to do with the Blackberry Storm, HTC Magic and Sony-Ericsson XPERIA X 1. Orange for his part at the moment only has got exclusivity with HTC Hero but we do not know if it will be temporary or total as the competition.

In these cases, the Department of Justice in the United States and the FCC are considering the possibility of investigating if These agreements may be anti-competitive It is unfair that a product is not available for all consumers.

The telcos on the other hand defend themselves arguing that the exclusivities allow to put at the disposal of users these phones at lowest prices encouraging innovation and sharing the risk with the manufacturers. Even dare to suggest that intervention “ antitrust ” of such desencadernar could a reduction in investment by operators.

You can sure solution is a balance and manufacturers decide whether alone that the with limited exclusivity agreements some months it is most beneficial for all.

Clarify that the Exclusives are not limited only to the terminals listed above if not than others many terminals lower range can only be achieved with a concrete or free operator Although sometimes, some chain stores can subsidize a free terminal with an operator different pretending that this terminal is no longer exclusive but in reality, operators still be able to have it in your portfolio.

Until that point users will be willing to “ sold ” for a terminal being that the rates or services of the operator can not meet all the needs of the customer? Is it that the other operators have no right to sell the same phones to the largest? as profitable out the exclusives?


Vodacom partners with Shembe church

Vodacom partners with Shembe church