Movistar Only to Lose Customers for Portability in January

Once the operators presented the results obtained during 2008, now the CMT Returns with the first results of 2009 which highlights low cost operators (the OMV and Yoigo) are still the most desired customers.

Focusing on the net results of portability during January, We see as Movistar loses 40.758 customers, Vodafone wins 3.668 y Orange Returns to positive negative results with 6.668 less more users while The MVNOs and Yoigo they get to increase their portfolios with a total of 21.819 and 8.603 new customers respectively.

While the results of portability are good indicators of how a timely campaign or the preferences of the users in a specific month, what really fits more to reality are the quarterly results the CMT public taking into account the portability, the new high and low. In this sense we see as Movistar has only been with the 2.3% market, Vodafone with the 41.4%, Orange with 6.8%, Yoigo Gets the 24.3% and the MVNOs who remain in second place with the 25.2%.

According to a study by The Phone House shops, the 70.9% of the users will change from operator for best rates even though the reality says that only 3.8% of users is with a low cost operator Could it be that almost infinite combinations of rates and savings with traditional operators modules remains more profitable than switch to an operator with a simple one-time fee?