Movistar Updates Its 2G Network to EDGE in Spain

In recent years we have heard a lot about the 3 g, its continuous updates with improvements in speed, and even discussed already the 4 G by what the present 2 G network we sounds like something too outdated although it need not.

The future is the 3G and 4G no doubt but at the moment the 2G (or 2.5 g thanks to update to GPRS) still can continue game with a new update to 2.75 G (or EDGE) to improve the speed of this network 236.2 Kbps drop that is already quite acceptable to navigate from the mobile itself and not as with the GPRS that can reach a maximum 64 Kbps.

Although Movistar has made public this information, are already many users in different parts of the country since the beginning of July are watching as one E next to the GPRS coverage so the update is in process. Besides these improvements are faster, cheaper and reach more places than the 3G because network 2G is now widespread throughout the country.

So that users can enjoy new speeds must have a Mobile EDGE-compatible Although the majority of phones are while this technology has not been available in our country so far. For example, of the latest models launched by Movistar, Vodafone and Orange for this summer, are all EDGE.

Good news for users of Internet on your mobile the 3 G has not yet come to that but what pretend Movistar? slowing down the deployment of 3G where less profitable or just want to make more pleasant the arrival of 3G anywhere in the country? do you think that other operators will follow the initiative? should they stop investing in these updates to be full with the 3 G? This technology late? Too many doubts to this expected so little movement & #8230;