Nail Polish Collection Impala Illusionist

Illusionist-New Collection Of Enamels Impala

The Impala is one of the main brands of nail products industry of the country.Stands out the nail polish collections always linked to major trends in the world of fashion. Every season launches one or more collections especially for those stations, as now, in the autumn/winter of 2013. The newest collection, entitled Juggler, come with many new features and a super neat presentation. Check out:

The Illusionist collection is another bet of the brand to the winter of 2013. The five colors carry secrets and mysteries, and a different super detail, your coverage is mgnética. Glazes come in a box accompanied by a magnet with magnetic, which will ensure that the glaze take the expected effect.

The colours of the collection are: Illusionist

Optical illusion -graphite (magnet with format in “V”);

Unbelievable Red -Burgundy (magnet with estreiras wave format);

Mysterious Golden -Golden yellowish (wave-shaped magnet);

Surprise -purple (magnet with diagonal stripes format);

Magic trick -dark blue (asterisk-shaped magnet).

Each enamel box with magnet is on sale for about fifteen reais. Browse specialty shops in products for nail salons, pharmacies or supermarkets. Here at MakeupNecessities you can get more models of the nails arts.

In addition to this, the Impala also released two other collections for the autumn/winter of 2013, are they the Art Love and Brilliant Glam.