Nokia 5800 XpressMusic, Is Imposed on The Rest in Spain

This is a difficult year that we are beginning, both inside and outside our borders, despite this the number of smartphones (especially with touchscreen) sold increased compared to previous years and companies know that it is a niche market to exploit.

Nokia was taking too long to put on the market a terminal of the characteristics of the 5800 XpressMusic, but it appears that it had everything controlled, without going to qualify which could be the best Smartphone on the market, the public is sovereign and has mostly chosen terminal of the Finnish House.

With little more than one month of life in the Spanish market, according to the GfK consultant, the device has garnered 58% considered smartphones sales, among which are as main rivals to the iPhone and the BlackBerry Storm.

A few days ago I commented that worldwide had reached one million units sold, but may be curious to see this information in another way, in Engadget conducted a comparison of the days that took the most recognized terminals to reach one million units:

To assess the data in the table we have to keep in mind that the iPhone 3G It was released in 21 countries at the same time, while the G1 only was it in the USA, the same case occurs with the BlackBerry Storm that only takes into account data from Verizon in the us, and we see that to the Nokia 5800 nor were you wrong things in this curious comparison.

Nokia It is clear that the way to maintain their market share is offering and promoting their services, in addition to presenting full terminals at an affordable price, but if he is also accompanied by a large image of brand in the markets, part with an advantage that the competition will find it difficult to cut.

Recall that Spain was the first country to enjoy the terminal, a detail of the Finnish company initially available exclusively with Movistar contract, then he appeared with Orange, and it is possible to find it also in the Vodafone operator.