Palm Eos Is Delayed and Sales of The Pre Not Removed

According to the more solid rumors the Palm Eos It would be the next device in the Renaissance of Palm with its new operating system WebOS and he already spoke in Xatakamovil last may.

You would be a very similar team in its configuration to the Treo Pro screen and keyboard full in Classic format and with a thickness of only about ten millimeters. It would be a step below the Pre competing in a segment of lower price u with initial launch on AT & T.

Is pointed as date of final release of 2009 just in time for the Christmas season but already refers to it is delayed to 2010 so the Pre continue to face alone the rest of the market as a unique asset of Palm in hope of a significant number of sales.

And it seems that this unique asset is in trouble, to millions of iPhones or the Magic million-selling news opposed the 200,000 Pre June to 100,000 in July and with great fears about the August numbers.

Reduce prices? It does not seem an option, Palm need room for sale and you can find to what already happened with the Palm Centro, its latest phone with Palm OS, a relative success in sales but with very limited margins.

Meanwhile those who still “ we are Palm ” hope news of the launch of the Pre around here that there are only very diffuse news of exclusivity with Movistar but no clear release date.