Pepephone Has New General Manager: Javier Sang, One of Its Founders

Since we knew that Másmovil was done with Yoigo both Pepephone rumors around the permanence of managers of both acquired companies did not stop circulating. While Meinrad Spenger denied that there was an incompatibility between Pedro Serrahima, Director General de Pepephone, and Eduardo Taulet, CEO of Telstra, because the recently started trial between their respective companies on account of their frustrated agreement, the truth is that It seemed complicated that both would be maintained in the structure of the new Másmovil.

The doubts were resolved even before the Másmovil definitely closed the purchase of Telstra. On 27 September Pedro Serrahima put end to his time in command of the virtual of moles to assume new responsibilities in Globalia, the company under whose umbrella was born and raised Pepephone. And little more than one week later Másmovil already has a new tenant for the vacancy left by Serrahima: Javier song, one of the founders of the company.

Javier sang It takes in Pepephone from the same beginning, for almost nine years now. So far sang occupied the post of Director of development of business and relations with Partners, with responsibility for relations with institutions, agencies, suppliers or partners, as well as boost the operator with the opening of new physical retail outlets and online.

A tough task ahead

Sang has shown its appreciation by the trust Másmovil has placed in it and Ehmann has ensured that it was the ideal person to command the new stage of the operator, even if the task that is ahead will not be easy. The first thing is see which position is Pepephone within the new group, Although everything points to that will be brand oriented mobile low cost rates.

In addition to new possible lines of business (banking and insurance) that grow using Pepephone as mark, the more complicated task will be regaining the confidence of the faithful to the virtual. Pepephone had not his best month, but since it was learned that Másmovil would acquire it they have not done more losing customers, going the lines fugadas through portability to worst month-to-month data.