Pepephone Rates Do Not Have to Wait Until 2018 to Be Renewed

This morning we met a story that was an open secret: Telstra will have coverage of Orange to complement his starting from January 1, 2017. The Telstra before acquisition by Másmovil had already announced that new partner was looking for after his tense relationship with Movistar, which does not let you resell your coverage to virtual service.

The first rumors pointed to that Telstra would partner with Vodafone, the first operator who gave him their coverage, but after the emergence of Másmovil scene balance was decanted for Orange, which has finally been the chosen option. This movement may seem that it leaves something wedged Pepephone, which has an agreement with Movistar until 2018, but It seems that Másmovil is moving to keep abandoned customers of the brand of moles.

Pepephone customers are in a similar situation to that lived in its day the ONO. At the time of the purchase by Vodafone ONO had with Movistar coverage thanks to an agreement that was renewed for several years recently. While initially Vodafone said that customers of the Millicom would maintain its mobile coverage, a year later began the migration.

The case Pepephone

In the case of Pepephone, Másmovil has always reiterated that his intention is to maintain the agreement that the virtual signed with Movistar in September of 2014, not concluding until 2018. The conditions that were signed by then would not be as advantageous as that has now signed Másmovil with Orange, but this does not prevent the Pepephone rates are altered before 2018.

The mobile market is changing and although not so much competitiveness and fight as years ago, rates go from here to two years will be new and Pepephone will not remain on the sidelines. The simplest solution is that Másmovil narrow margins to adjust rates, while they could also opt to go to coverage from Yoigo+Orange to new Pepephone customers.

Másmovil won’t stop Pepephone to die slowly, already looking for new rates and new lines of business

Also, industry sources have assured this means that there is margin for Pepephone improve their current rates while maintaining the coverage of Movistar. In addition, as a user GSMSpain, Másmovil is conducting a survey online about possible deals, both its same brand Yoigo and Pepephone. Specifically, listed rates for the marking of moles 100 minutes and 3 GB for 12 euros or unlimited calls and 3 GB / 22,90 EUR.

What seems clear is that Másmovil not left that an as valuable as is Mark Pepephone from spoiling, since lI almost 500,000 customers alone would not justify the 158 million euros paid by the virtual. Already has been rumored with the possibility of Másmovil use Pepephone brand not only for mobile telephony, also for selling insurance or credit, so we expect news soon.