Result of Portability and High in April: Movistar, The Only One Who Loses

Second consecutive month with poor results for Movistar that sees reduced its portfolio of clients rather than Orange in their worst moments. However, according to Telefónica, the operator has started to recover in April and may although the bad results of March will continue dragging them until this month gone quarterly computation.

In particular, the net results of portability in April they reflect that Movistar loses 5.279 users and Vodafone release 34.752 while Telstra and the MVNO’s to get a positive result of 2.105 and 30.168 7.758 respectively.

But the results of portability are just a small indicator of the State of our operators now that what really takes into account both portability and high with new number or low for any reason, the quarterly results where it is noted that you between February and April the market has distributed in the following manner: Movistar is the only one that loses customers to miss the 23.81% of the market, Vodafone get the 35.10%, Orange the 32.36%, Yoigo the 22.66% and the OMVs the 33.70%.

Maybe that loss of Movistar clients does not originate a strategy problem but a natural transfer of customers who increasingly look more rates and not afraid to let its operator always as if it was happening so far.