Result of Portability and High in February: Movistar The Big Loser

The WCL returns for the fourth time in less than a month to present one of their reports and in this case is the usual monthly note on mobile telephony in Spain from which it follows that Movistar has been the big loser during Christmas and the month of February.

With regard to the net results of portability, during the month of February Movistar was the only one that lost customers leaving escape 27.324 lines while Vodafone, Orange, Yoigo and the whole of the OMVs won respectively 2,330, 3.571, 19.682 and 1,841 newlines.

But as we always say, these results do not conform entirely to reality since the best indicators on the State of our operators are the quarterly results (in this case between December and February) that it take into account both the portability and the new high and low.

In this sense, which for the first time loses customers is Movistar with a 4.23% less lines total face Vodafone that has become more than half of the market pointing the 54.95% lines, Orange getting the 8.23%, Yoigo the 15.60% and secondly after Vodafone, are the MVNO’s that are awarded the 25.45% lines.

We will see if these results are affected after the bad news that gave Vodafone and Telstra to announce that at the beginning of March they raise your rates.

With respect to the same period of the previous year, the prepayment is losing strength (1.9%) in favor of the contract, which increases a 6.5% mobile lines in Spain Park and already amounting to nearly 53 million lines (a 3.6% more than in the same period in 2008).