Results of Movistar, Vodafone and Orange in 2008

Will pass to compare them after the presentation of financial results of Movistar, Vodafone and Orange these last few weeks, focusing on the mobile business in Spain during the last quarter of 2008.

It seems that three large operators have seen as their services revenues have declined during the last year due mainly to the reduction of interconnection prices and the fall in the average price per minute of voice so in comparable terms, Movistar has reduced their income a 0.9%, Vodafone a 5.8% and Orange a 0.7%. This fall has been less pronounced due to revenues from data that have increased in all three cases at the rate of a 14.8% in Movistar, Vodafone 9% and 7.4% in Orange.

With regard to the number of net customers, during the last quarter, Movistar has managed to 168.862 lines (65% of contract) reaching a portfolio of 23.604.800 lines compared to the 152,000 lines of Vodafone (80% of contract) reaching the 16.538.000 lines. Orange has not specified data. The total of lines, Movistar has 6.200.000 customers 3G, Vodafone 6.831.000 and Orange 3.256.000.

Finally, more value is normally an operator what ARPU)revenue per customer) which has reduced in all cases and remains 29.5 euros with Movistar, 30.3 euros in Vodafone and 24.4 euros in Orange.

It has certainly not been the best year for our operators who despite not having hardly noticed the effect of the low-cost, have decided to raise their rates to improve these data even though the future is directed more and more to a revenues fall by voice in favour of the increase in revenue from data services.