Retro Looks with Floral Print for Spring of Pin-Up Girls

The most colorful season of the year has arrived and with it, beautiful flowers of various sizes, colors and species. But, we’re not just talking of the natural changes which, consequently, begin to emerge along with the new station. The milder weather of Spring, with temperatures more pleasant that the cold of winter and the heat of summer to come, as well as prone to the flourishing of these plants, inspires us to want to adopt retro looks that reflect the natural beauty of this time of year. Yes, we’re talking about floral print!

The station, the fabrics with prints of flowers are true classics in the wardrobe of Pin-up girls and can be used in different compositions. The most romantic and delicate to the most sensual and extravagant; everything will depend on how to adopt this type of pattern, both in relation to tonality, and the patronage, etc. Come to think of it, separated some templates for you inspiration and tips on how to abuse this print this spring! Come see!

Floral ball dress

Darling of the lovers of years 50, ball gowns with floral print guarantee an even more youthful air to visual. Abuse of the vibrant colors and finish with accessories in the same tonality. How about a nice tutu underneath the dress, to give that beautiful volume to play? Better still for those who like to spin on the dance floor. Is a charm!

Pencil dress

Another type of dress that cannot, in any way, in the wardrobe of pin-ups is the “pencil”, that fine tight body. With varying necklines, and may be of short or manguinha with spaghetti straps, shoulders covered or shows, that dress formfitting in format “Guitar”, leaving the wife even more sensual, however your length below knee brings balance, ensuring a little more comportadinho to look.

Long sleeve dress

As not only hot days is Spring, it is important to have some play more locked in the closet. A good option is the mango ball long dresses, which protect against the cold and are a charm! Worth betting on a belt (the same pattern or color of the play) to break the seriousness of the look. How about?

Ball skirts and evas

Skirts are true wildcards in the wardrobe of a pin-up girl. With the same piece you can create different looks, just change the top. It is also a very versatile in respect to climate, because it is possible to transform a visual thought to heat in a super combination suitable for the colder days. Must have!

Pencil skirts

Another piece that can not miss in the closet who is adept at retro style is the pencil skirt on TheViennaStyle. The cool of this model is that a few years ago he returned to fashion trend, so it’s not that hard to find in normal shops (not specialized in retro/vintage clothing). Same ball scheme, worth playing in time to make combinations and use creativity.

Capri pants and cropped

Some say that only magérrimas be fine with Paisley pants. A lie! Knowing combine with a nice blouse and a pattern to convey the personality of who wears, any girl can use, regardless of the size of your thighs or butt. But, if you still have a certain insecurity in this kind of play, it’s worth investing in darker and with more structured fabric, because they end up scoring less the body. If the look is retro, high waist ever, ok?

A with the same fabric

Cute, isn’t it? This type of template is not so easy to find in Brazil, but worth keeping an eye on the specialty stores that offer their catalogs online. Squishy fabrics, high-waisted shorts folgadinho and just a little bit of the belly on display with the cropped blouse. Perfect for hot days of the season!

Bíkinis and retro swimsuits

Super chic, the swimsuits and retro bíkinis are great for those who are not adept at showing much on beaches and swimming pools. Not to mention that the piece ensures that everything is in place, if a treacherous wave wants to take part of your clothes in time to enter the sea. With floral print, even better! Spring’s face!

Flowers in her hair

Who says you can only abuse the flowers in the prints of clothes? An indispensable accessory in the wardrobe of Pin-ups, hair flowers also combine very well with the Spring. Finish your hairstyles with variety of sizes, colors and types. Vale also mix two or three styles and put together a beautiful arrangement. The accessory guarantees a special touch to the simple look. You can trust!