Ruizgalan The Note Ego Ecofriendly Spring-Summer 2013

If his previous collection, ‘City’, surprised, is not has left no one indifferent. The proposal Spring-summer 2013 Madrid Designer Ruizgalan, It has been the most commented of the Gateway Ego. ‘ New life’, that is the name of the proposal, as well as being, without a doubt, one of the most original of this Edition, has been the only ecofriendly.

A collection of ecological and with a message clear; reinvent recycling. Through used clothing, – most surely lost in the oblivion of the bottom cabinet – by family and friends, Paul has created pieces that make up these new and very creative looks. Parts, now, after a graph creation process, they come to new life, creating also an affective bond with the Viewer.

‘New Life’, resurrecting garments

On the intelligent and meticulous selection of the fabrics that compose the parts, and through which the new clothes, the creator – have been manufactured without fear to the mix and with much art – has become used to own clothing labels, and even, purchase or storage bags.

To create a parade where he has reigned one aesthetic sporty revisited. Sudaderas-armadura, jackets with with hood, bulky – and in some cases very architectural – raincoats for top, more pants in different formats; straight and cropped, cut baggy and Bermuda, in the parts below.

No one can deny that the idea, apart from brilliant, is smart, sharp and cunning. In fact, even in some way it has a picaresque point, of living. In addition, taking into account the times running economic recession, gives us what to think, sparks debate.

Fashion Week Madrid: parade of Ruiz GalánSee video

  • Fashion Week Madrid: parade of Ruiz Galán

Sincerely, after a fairly loose Madrid fashion week (in general) as far as imagination is concerned (which not is me bad interpreter, and the official calendar of MBMFW, Ego, Madrid Fashion Show OFFs have seen several exceptions to this contained creativity which I mean), this I think it is a light at the end of the tunnel.

Ruizgalan and Nuria Blanco playing the 78 Onitsuka Tiger California

To complete the look has been the iconic slippers 78 California, a very recognizable and iconic model of the Japanese House Onitsuka Tiger. Some sports that have been reinterpreted for the occasion thanks to the collaboration of Ruizgalan with the artist Nuria Blanco.

RUIZGALAN + NURIA BLANCO for Onitsuka Tiger from Bruno Galán Ruiz on Vimeo.

This unique customization process has been achieved thanks to a layers of Japanese paper coating created in the traditional way. The role, as the artist in the video, has is one of his favorite materials, and also fit perfectly with the global collection of Ruizgalan idea, since as he indicates, “the white paper is the beginning of something, that concept is closely linked to ‘New Life'”.