So Are The Unlimited Calls from Lowi against Its Cheaper Rivals According to Coverage


Convergent offers aside, the mobile rates with unlimited minutes they remain that more innovations are receiving thanks to the new proposals for operators that have been incorporated to this trend in recent months as Simyo mobile Republic or Hits Mobile and which now binds Lowi.

Similar rates whose main difference is coverage so it is time to update our ranking the best rate according to coverage and the full comparison with all rates together with all its features. The list of operators we have excluded FreedomPop because it is rather an OTT need your app to call and receive calls, depending on the quality of the connectivity available in every moment.

The cheapest unlimited rates from 1 GB

Starting with the cheapest rates with unlimited minutes, of the ranking highlights Mobile Republic under cover Orange while if you opt for Vodafone coverage, the alternative is Lowi, two more expensive euro but with speed reduction and the exclusive benefit of accumulate not consumed data. With Movistar coverage, the price difference is even triples since there are no MVNO with coverage Movistar which offer unlimited calls and help to cut the cost and in other cases.

In addition, we also find other proposals to be considered as RACCTel that may be one of the most economical if you hire your promotion of 2 lines by 1 with stay of 12 months. Let’s see how is the ranking according to coverage:

Coverage Movistar live 34
Minutes + unlimited SMS
2.5 GB with 4 G
33 euros/month
Movistar lives 45
Minutes + unlimited SMS
5 GB with 4 G
45 euros/month
Coverage Lowi
Unlimited minutes
1 GB with 4 G
18 euros/month
Unlimited minutes
3 GB 4 g
22 euros/month
Hits Mobile
Unlimited minutes
4 GB 4 g
24,90 EUR/month
Coverage Mobile Republic
Unlimited minutes
1.2 GB with 4 G
15.80 euros/month
Unlimited minutes
3 GB with 4 G
18,95 EUR/month
ion mobile
Unlimited minutes
4 GB 4 g
14.75 euros/month

The best unlimited rates from 5 gigabytes

If you are one of those who were seduced by the myriad of Yoigo rate born as the first data rate “unlimited” and one of the more generous with its 20 gigabytes, tariffs with unlimited calls and 5 or more gigabytes have been growing apace with increasingly more alternatives available.

New cheapest rate returns to find themselves under Orange coverage through Amena with 7 GB while that for other two euros, with Mobile Republic, MÁSMOVIL and Oceans you will have 8 GB and other two euros Yoigo offers 20 GB.

In this case, the MVNO of Vodafone does not offer large amounts of gigabytes by what the alternatives are reduced and only found to telecable that offers 5 GB and Lowi which includes the same amount for 10 euros more in Exchange for 4 G and the possibility of accumulating data. The rest of rates with Movistar and Vodafone coverage will also be more expensive that in Orange, include less data, but can also be interesting incentives as the subscription to Núbico during a year in Movistar or free subscription to Spotify for six months on Vodafone as well as roaming included by the EU and the US.

Coverage Movistar lives 45
Minutes + unlimited SMS
5 GB with 4 G
Includes Núbico
45 euros/month
Coverage telecable
Unlimited minutes
5 GB 4 g
28 euros/month
Unlimited minutes
5 GB with 4 G
It accumulates data not consumed
38 euros/month
Vodafone network L
Minutes + unlimited SMS
6 GB with 4 G
Including EU and U.S. roaming
It includes 6 months of Spotify
45 euros/month
Coverage Amena
Minutes + unlimited SMS
7 GB with 4 G
24,95 EUR/month
MÁSMOVIL, mobile Republic, Oceans
Unlimited minutes
8 GB 4 g
26.90 euros/month
Unlimited minutes
10 GB with 4 G
45,50 EUR/month
Coverage Telstra worm
Unlimited minutes
20 GB 4 g
29 euros/month

Comparative rates with unlimited minutes

Although we have been talking about at all times rates with unlimited minutes, they in fact have limits to prevent excesses that we reviewed recently and that we include in the comparison complete along with other features of tariffs which may be crucial when choosing operator as the possibility of accumulate data at Lowi, availability of 4 G, the cost of the SMS, What happens with the excess data Once exhausted including gigas or the possibility of buying a Mobile deadlines.