The Growth of RIM and Apple, Nokia Starts to Have Problems

If we take a look at the latest market analyst reports Gartner, giving us an image approximately how the market is, we find results really surprising, especially in regards to the fourth quarter of 2008.

As you might expect, the world does not change in two days, Nokia It is still the leader in the market for so-called smartphones, hogging 41% of the total amount of phones sold in the market, the Finnish company followed by enough RIM and Apple Remote.

RIM get something more than 19% of the quota, which is 85% more than in the same quarter of the previous year, and Apple It occupies the third place has 11% of the market share, one 110% increase over the year earlier, surprising to have only one model on the market. In the fourth quarter of 2008, sales of Nokia fell 17%.

Let’s look at these data in a clearer way on a graph:

Taking into account the full year, Nokia increased revenues a 0.8%, RIM 97% and Apple a 246%. It is difficult that in the dominant position that the Finnish giant is spectacular growth figures, but it is certainly detrimental that it has virtually closed a year same as above.

In short, we could say that the presence of Nokia in the market it is double that of Canadians RIM, and in turn these double of Apple. When analyzing how the market moves, must be taken into account if at times companies have been put on the market new models, and the existing inventory of the most popular models.

The sale of terminals directly determines the success of their operating systems, so we can say that Symbian It is suffering a setback in favor of RIM and Apple’s Mac OS operating system. Curious is the case of Windows Mobile, which remains practically unchanged to changes.

There are other factors that do not benefit in such reports to Nokia, firstly the definition of smartphone, it is weak, in she other manufacturers placed their most capable terminals, however the Finnish brand encompasses the concept of smart phones to almost all of its Symbian phones. Second, Apple and RIM are directed to different markets, which makes grow rapidly each one by his side, without becoming a significant damage including.

Is necessary that Nokia stop looking at the navel, and examine what can be done to counter the onslaught of contenders, which include new actors who previously were not at stake, such as Android, that gets to stay, and WEB OS, accompanied by a near-perfect terminal can introduce into the market a similar phenomenon to that originated the iPhone.

A case for separate study is that of the Canadian RIM, following a business line different from the rest of the market, has achieved a huge profit, in fact in the last quarterly report of the company (December), report an improvement in the incomes of 60%, in a period of crisis such as that we are experiencing.

It is interesting to know how the company, which just completed its tenth anniversary, has changed an entire region of a country thanks to its good make, giving employment to more than 12,000 people.