The OMVs Fear Being Expelled from The Market If It Is Not Obliged to Large Operators to Rent Their Networks

A danger hangs over the MVNOs in Spain. The CNMC proposed last July a mobile deregulation that would erase from the map the obligation currently have with network operators rent their coverage to the virtual at reasonable prices. It can be said that the regulator is relying on three large companies, although there are those who do not have such beliefs.

AOTEC, an association that brings together local operators, has today issued a statement after having held a meeting with representatives of the CNMC, a request is very clear: do not deregulate the market because this is not yet mature. They fear the MVNO’s that are to carry out the purpose of the obligation to rent networks, contracts between virtual and non-virtual cancelled or not renewed.

The virtual more little fear for their survival. The truth is that if you turn the view of portability of the September data, taking MVNOs to Másmovil, Pepephone Group (which, since October, officially formed a group in which there is an operator with network) the virtual as a whole they would have only gained 1,850 lines, a fact that reflects the poor health that enjoy this type of operators.

Convergence has been somewhat against what is impossible to fight from an MVNO, but if we add to this that some virtual have passed into the hands of (Simyo, ONO, Jazztel, Tuenti) network operators and brands which have been created to fight in the low cost (Lowi, Amena), the future PT complicated. For this reason AOTEC asked that the current regulation touch as little as possible.

AOTEC time requests the CNMC, the market is not yet mature

The Association has also highlighted that virtual have been essential to create a competitive market and that is give lower prices that we have seen in recent years. And to strengthen the idea that regulation remains necessary, AOTEC recalls how complicated that many virtual have had it to access the 4G. The conclusion of this group of companies is that the CNMC must wait for the market to settle to make a new comprehensive analysis of the situation and make a decision with updated data.