The Portability Become FreedomPop with Twice The Data at The Same Price Until 2017

FreedomPop was a highly anticipated operator in Spain, by the peculiarity of their offer. The virtual has its rates of payment, like any other brand, but its commitment to a free and basic rate is unique in our country. His arrival occurred last July, though, because only admit new phone numbers high, something for which there will be soon remedy.

The possibility of porting an existing mobile number to arrive in November in FreedomPop, although that won’t be the only change. Input, several operator rates doubled the capacity of its bonus data until the end of the year and also will soon see the arrival of their terminals offer, discounts on smartphones and other devices reequipped.

The portability become FreedomPop in the month of November and to celebrate the virtual premiere promotion. Until 31 December, those that have free rate will enjoy 400 MB instead of the usual 200 MB. The payment rates affected will be offering 2 GB by 8,99 EUR per month (4 GB in promotion) and the 5 GB by 15,99 Euro per month (10 GB promotion).

45% have some payment service

With the presence of the CEO of the company, Stephen Stokols, Madrid has also been time to review the progress of the company in Spain. FreedomPop waiting arrive at the figure of 50,000 customers in next month, complying with its schedule of forecasts, that would lead him to have 100,000 customers in the first year. Has also counted Stokols 45% of its Spanish clients have a fee or contracted fee, a not insignificant figure so free like us.

By the side of the news for upcoming dates, end of year FreedomPop be brought to Spain its offer of terminals. Among them include as many smartphones as MiFis, promising great discounts and devices reconditioned at special prices. We will watch to see what mobile begins its offer the operator and above all, if the prices are really interesting.