Tuenti Search Revitalize Its Offer with Bonuses of Voice of 25, 50 or 120 Minutes

Tuenti already abandoned definitively its stage as social network, that full of selfies who one day came to be over Facebook in Spain, and is now focused on his business as operator Mobile, although the truth is that numbers are not ultimately the best. Despite the renewal of his offer and commitment to refund the unspent megs, the second brand of Telefónica comes losing customers every month.

One of the major demands of the users or one of the drawbacks of the current rates of Tuenti is that just calls it exists (or existed) the option of pay for each call, the usual zero cents per minute plus the corresponding 20 cents of establishment, which affects those who make short calls. and that demand is now satisfied, with the arrival of bond’s voice of 25, 50 and 120 minutes.

Tuenti bet it trusts all to data. Users who opt for the virtual can configure offer by selecting one to five gigabytes, paying each of them seven euros per month, and receiving the reimbursement of the megs not consumed in blocks of 256 megs. Those who also want to have 4G have to pay two euros, but in return also receive other 250 Megs extra in your rate.

This strategy of all data is not working, so it Tuenti search now another way to attract new customers: bonds of voice. The following are options available from today:

  • 25 minutes for 2 euros
  • 50 minutes for 3 euros
  • 120 minutes for 5 euros

In all cases It includes the establishment of call and if you purchased minutes is billed according to the rate base, zero cents per minute and 20 cents call set-up. Also they are also 60 minutes in calls through the application of Tuenti, valid for domestic and international calls.

What is missing to Tuenti?

With this movement, Tuenti offer will be attractive for those who make short calls, coming is penalized by having to pay them 20 cents each. But the truth is that Tuenti now enters the fight of the configurable rates When all the second marks of other operators and several virtual already take time betting on it.

To highlight or recover ground lost the first thing they would need would be include the 4G series, as it is the case of Simyo, or include it free from certain amount of gigs contracted, as in the case of Lowi. It also seems that your bet of refund not consumed megs is not as easy to explain as the possibility of accumulating megs in Lowi, what might be question of rethinking that bet.

If Tuenti just polishing their offer you can have a good niche of new customers on those who flee from Yoigo for your coverage change

Playing those two points and taking into account that it is one of the few virtual has with the coverage of Movistar, one of the most cherished or desired in Spain, Tuenti could even take to collect those customers who can to go Telstra when you change coverage umbrella, Movistar to Orange.